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The father’s body was at home but he did not leave the English exam on the same day … When the result came, everyone saluted the daughter!

Kathmandu. A girl from Washim district of Maharashtra achieved great success by getting 90 percent marks in class 12.

Her father died on the day of her English paper exam. While the body was still at her father’s house, she decided to take the test.

She has topped the campus and district with 90 percent marks in all the exams. Even so, she went to the exam and buried her father.

Rameshwar Sheshrao Borkar of Wadji village in Washim district worked as a temporary clerk. He died on the morning of March 19 due to a brain hemorrhage.

That day was her daughter’s first paper in class 12. In such a situation, the body of the father was lying in the house. There was a crowd of comforters and the daughter was in unbearable pain.

Even so, the Witness said that she would give the paper to her mother and relatives. Although her father’s body was at home, the Witness went to give her an English paper. After solving the paper, his father was cremated.

Now the result is 12, in which the witness scored 90 percent marks. She has scored 79 marks in English subject. Tears welled up in the eyes of all the family members as they witnessed the result.

People around him have also praised the Witness. Witness Borkar, who was happy with the result, said, “Today, my father is proud of himself and me wherever he is. I will work harder to make my father’s dream come true.

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15-year-old girl ra’pe’d in elephant car; Mother of 15-year-old girl arrested

Lalitpur. Anoj Majhi, 23, of Lubhughat in Ramechhap Khandadevi Gaonpalika-1 of Godavari Municipality-14 of Lalitpur has been arrested on charge of raping a 15-year-old girl.

Police have arrested the girl from Satdobato after receiving information that she was lured into an elephant vehicle (Province 3-01-024 Cha 3597) driven by a fisherman on the side of the road in Godavari Municipality-1. Police is conducting necessary investigation in this regard.

A teenage girl who gave birth to a child out of wedlock has been arrested.

A mother has been arrested for allegedly throwing her baby into a septic tank.

A 15-year-old girl was arrested on Wednesday. Police have arrested a 15-year-old girl from Rapti Gaonpalika-3 of Dang.

He is accused of killing his 16-day-old daughter by throwing her in a septic tank. District Police Chief Superintendent of Police Suresh Kafle confirmed this.

According to the information, the baby was born illegally on May 25. She was then weaned for 16 days. But when the baby started crying due to lack of milk in the middle, he got excited and threw it in the safety tank.

The baby’s body was found in a septic tank in the backyard on Wednesday morning. The incident is being further investigated, said Superintendent of Police Kafle.

The identity of the child’s father has also been debated. The girl had been living with her mother.

According to police, 22-year-old Vikas Gharti, who is currently working in Mustang, has admitted his relationship with the girl.

It has been seen that there has been a physical relationship between the teenager and Gharti since the age of 14 years. Police informed that more details will be revealed after Gharti was taken away from Mustang.

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Where the man of the house brings the customer for the daughter and wife

Kathmandu. India’s Supreme Court has recently ruled in favor of sex workers. According to him, ‘prostitution’ is not a legal crime.

After this decision, ‘prostitution’ became like any other ordinary profession. The Supreme Court has ruled that police should not abuse sex workers unnecessarily.

But long before this Supreme Court decision, the Bedia community in India has been making prostitution a common profession. Almost all the women in this community are involved in prostitution.

The men in the community do the work of bringing in customers and negotiating with them. Sunita (name change), who lives in GB Road, a red light area of ​​Delhi, was involved in this profession in her childhood.

When asked how it started, she smiled and said, “I am Bedia.” Her mother and sisters also work as sex workers in Madhya Pradesh, India. So Sunita had no choice.

History of the Bedia community
The Bedia community living in some villages of Madhya Pradesh have been using prostitution as a source of income for hundreds of years. It is said that this community used to sing and dance during the Mughal period.

But later, when the monarchy came to an end, the community faced a crisis for livelihood. In such a situation, the women of the community started prostitution. According to the 2011 census, the population of this community is about 50,000.

There are more than 60 Bedia villages in different districts of Madhya Pradesh, especially in Malwa region. Where prostitution takes place. A local journalist in Morena said on condition of anonymity that their network was spread across the state, including Bhopal, except for these 60 villages. Lately, the girls have started moving to the red light areas of Delhi and Benaras.

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Woman di’es after falling 80 feet after bungee jumping

Woodpecker Hundreds of women have been killed in the bungee jump. The woman died after falling 80 feet after breaking a rope tied to her leg while doing bungee jumping.

A video of the incident has also been made public. The video shows the woman preparing for a bungee jump on the sixth floor and having a tragic accident after she jumped.

According to the Daily Mail, Yevgenia Li’Ontiva, 33, of Kazakhstan, went to a hotel with her husband and friends. Leontiva was the mother of three children. They were doing bungee jumps on the roof of the hotel they went to. Li’Ontiva also wanted to jump on the bandwagon and went to the sixth floor.

However, when she jumped, the rope she was supposed to hold hit her and she fell to the ground. L’Ontiva fell to the ground from a height of about 82 feet. He was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. According to reports, she had done bungee jumping before.

Police are also investigating the incident from the angle of murder. The owner of Bungee Jumping has been arrested. He is accused of violating security rules.

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Bhairahawa bus accident: 8 identified, father, son k’illed

One of the dead has not been identified yet. A passenger bus coming from Janakpur to Bhairahawa fell into the river from Rohini Bridge at around 4.30 am on Sunday.

Nine of the 32 people who fell into the river were killed. At least nine people, including a woman, were killed when a bus carrying 32 passengers including two children and six women died in the accident, said Rupandehi Traffic Police Chief Keshav KC.

Though nine passengers of the passenger bus (Lu 2 Kha 3841) were killed, the identity of one of them has not been revealed yet.

The deceased have been identified as Rajendra Pandey, 65, of Omasatiya Gaonpalika-4, Rupandehi, Tulsi Basyal, 37, of Tilottama Municipality-8, Tilottama-2, Vishnu Poudel, 56, of Yogikuti, Dinesh Das, 20, of Rautahat Chandranigahapur and Butwal Sub-Metropolis-11, Kalikanagar. Krishna Prasad Basyal, 48, Arvind Sharma, 40, of Butwal Sub-Metropolis-6 Adarshnagar, Arvind’s father is Nagendra Sharma and Sitamani is 45-year-old Sanjay Gupta from India. One of the dead men is estimated to be 30-35 years old.

The hospital administration has confirmed that four of the passengers died at Bhim Hospital and five at UCMS Medical. The injured passengers including the driver and co-driver are undergoing treatment at Bhim Hospital and Universal Medical College in Bhairahawa. The hospital administration has informed that the condition of more than a dozen of the injured is serious and the condition of other passengers is moderate.

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Fact check: Ram Kumari Jhankri’s palace in 6 months of being a minister

Kathmandu. Now a house is going viral on social media.

A picture of a building is going viral on Facebook and Twitter saying it is the palace of Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri.

Who said a. That Ram Kumari Jhankri only makes ticks? Urban development has also been found to be well done.

See, someone has posted on Facebook that it is his own palace. Some have posted that they have earned by corruption. Some have written that they have made good money just six months. Not only that.

Some even see Ram Kumari Jhankri’s house. Bardali is more dangerous than Oli. Is it also three-sided or four-sided? Have written

CPN (UML) leader and former communications minister Gokul Baskota has also attached the same house.

The photo of Gokul Baskota inspecting the house built at a cost of Rs.

In fact, the house of this picture does not belong to these two leaders. It has only created confusion on social media. C

Addiction information is being transmitted. While investigating the facts by Janboli News team, we found the fact that this picture was designed by Ethiopian Urban Engineering Company. The company uploaded this photo on its page on July 26, 2021.

This photo has 698K likes, 9.1K comments and 72K shares so far. This is an attempt to sow confusion. It is therefore urged not to pursue such misinformation. Janaboli

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