Japan has built the world’s smallest toilet.

It is easy to walk in a toilet pocket. Coca-Cola Inc., a startup in Nagoya, Japan, has started production under the name ‘Pocket Toilet’. It is designed to be carried anywhere, anytime. It is 7 cm tall and 6.5 cm wide which can easily fit in any pocket or purse.

The concept of the toilet was developed by Yoshinori Kokenawa, 30, founder of Kokenawa Inc. He developed the concept of pocket toilet in 2019. He developed it after seeing a long line to go to the toilet one day when it was damaged due to a storm.

“People were working as fast as they could to get their area back to normal, but every time they went to the toilet, they had to wait in line for half an hour,” Kokenawa recalled.

“I wanted to do something about it.” In December 2020, Kokenawa’s company launched a pocket toilet. This toilet has a bag made of special and durable fiber and it contains a packet of coagulant.

The bag can also be attached to the toilet seat or dustbin. The company found in its tests that there was no odor even after using the bag.

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