Last year’s earthquake in Afghanistan caused great loss of life and property. Rescue work is underway for people buried in the rubble of the quake. The quake affected not only humans but also pets.

A picture of a dog standing in the middle of a collapsed house has been showered with sympathy after a user posted it on Twitter. This photo posted by Samira SR shows the scene after the devastating earthquake.

“Everyone in the dog house was killed in the quake. Neighbors took her with them to feed and nurture her. But, he keeps coming back to the broken house and crying ‘, it is written in the caption of the photo. According to the Post, the photo was taken in Ochki village of Paktika.

Twitter users have shed tears over the heartbreaking image of a dog searching for its owners. Many of them have even offered to raise dogs. One user said, “We humans are not worthy of dogs.”

‘Hopefully he will find a boss who loves and cares like before. I am disappointed with what happened in Afghanistan. The Lord gives strength to all ‘, another user wrote.

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake on Wednesday killed hundreds of people and destroyed dozens of homes. The quake affected India and Pakistan. The quake struck 44 km from Khost city at 1:30 am local time.

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