Surya Shrestha, who is in a live-in relationship, is being investigated by folk singer Dilmaya Sunar. Despite the ongoing investigation, the police have not been able to reach a conclusion on the issue of yes or no. Surya, who was found dead in his own room at Nepaltar in Kathmandu, has confessed to the police that he spent the night with Dilmaya.

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Although Shrestha admitted that he was with Dilmaya on Friday night, he has claimed that he did that. Police claimed that Surya, who initially left Dilmaya’s room at 12 pm, admitted that they slept together after a technical investigation. Surya, who was sleeping with Dilmaya, has given a statement in the preliminary investigation with the police that when he woke up, he saw her in a state of Zhu, Ndi, Eko.

Dilmaya Salma Zhu, Ndi A, who said that he threw the sal at night. According to the police, Dilmaya’s wound, Tima Nil and Dr Maba Hek have no other injuries. Therefore, no conclusion has been reached as to who is Zhu, Ndi A or Jhundya E Ako. On the other hand, Dilmaya has written a status on her Facebook account on Friday night saying that she is going to die and not to blame anyone.

This has also created a dilemma for the police. “Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.”

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