KATHMANDU: A hound has been detained at the Division Forest Office in Mugu for the past three months. The dog has been kept in custody on the charge of poaching.

Champa Tamang, his son Dawa Chhorden, Tashi Tamang and neighbor Tamang were arrested on March 8 on charges of poaching wild animals in the forest area of ​​Shey Foksundo National Park. The dog was with them.

Police post Pulu Mugu handed over the dog along with four others to Division One Office Mugu. The Forest Office prosecuted him on charges of poaching wild animals. Champa and Dawachorden were released on bail of Rs.

Tashi and the neighbor were released on a normal date. But the dogs arrested with them are still in custody. Division Mugu has kept the hound in custody as there is no defendant. There were only four defendants in the case filed by the Forest Office.

According to the Forest Office, Mugu has kept the dog in custody after the court did not say anything about the dog. Forest Office Information Officer Pranil Devkota said, “We have not informed anyone about the dog after the court did not reveal anything about it.” We have kept the dog safe in the forest office. ‘

Forest officials are not in favor of leaving the dog unattended as it would cause harm to wildlife. According to the National Parks Act, hunting dogs have the right to be ordered. However, as no order has been issued by the court, it has not been decided whether to release him or not.

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