A woman of Khairhani-2, Chitwan, who went out of the house with her sister’s son, has gone missing. The family members have lodged a complaint at the District Police Office, Chitwan on July 30, requesting a search for the missing persons.

But so far nothing has been found about him, the family said. The missing woman is Mahi Pariyar. The 26-year-old left home with her sister’s 17-year-old son Rohit Thapa, but she is still missing.

He had left for Bharatpur saying that he would meet lawyer Gajendra Vasti and return home after being examined at the hospital. Even when searching with relatives and acquaintances

The family members said that they could not find him. Mahiki’s mother-in-law Lalumaya Pariyar says that there was no quarrel at home. According to her, her husband had sent Rs 90,000 from abroad a few days before she went missing. Until then, her husband Suraj Pariyar was working in Saudi.

Now that his wife is missing, he has returned to Nepal. Suraj and Mahi have two daughters. According to Suraj, the woman left her daughters in a uniform and took some money and some jewelery from the house.

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