Kathmandu. No one can touch the transmission line wire in a hurry. However, a man from Nuwakot walked on the wire of the transmission Microsoft Toolkit download line and harassed the Electricity Authority and the locals.

According to the locals, he has been walking on the wire for six hours after reaching the wire from the tower of the power transmission line this morning. The video of the youth named Myla Vik of 13 Ghale village of Belkotgadhi Municipality walking on the 220 KV transmission line is now going viral.

It is said that the young man, who was walking on the electric wire after quarreling with his family, was not caught. According to the local police, he was not able to bring meat and rice to the ground to eat. He lost his mental balance

It is understood that as soon as the youths reached the power transmission line, the Electricity Authority stopped the production of Upper Trishuli 3A and tried to bring them down. In the end, the young man has been rescued with the help of a helicopter.

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