Of course we worship God every day or any special day but there are some things we should not miss while worshiping. Do you know that According to the scriptures, milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar cane are used in worship.

Worship is incomplete without these five things. These 5 things are considered sacred in Hinduism. When these five elements are mixed, it is called Panchamrit. Panchamrit means five nectars. The first part of Panchamrit is milk, which we get from cows.

The second part of Panchamrit is curd.
The third part is the part of ghee.
The fourth part is honey.
The fifth part is sugar, which is mixed with all these to make complete nectar.

From the point of view of health, eating Panchamrit, i.e. a mixture made of all these things, as an offering, also removes all kinds of diseases. Therefore, after worship, we also take Panchamrit as a symbol of self-promotion.

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