Kathmandu. A girl from Washim district of Maharashtra achieved great success by getting 90 percent marks in class 12.

Her father died on the day of her English paper exam. While the body was still at her father’s house, she decided to take the test.

She has topped the campus and district with 90 percent marks in all the exams. Even so, she went to the exam and buried her father.

Rameshwar Sheshrao Borkar of Wadji village in Washim district worked as a temporary clerk. He died on the morning of March 19 due to a brain hemorrhage.

That day was her daughter’s first paper in class 12. In such a situation, the body of the father was lying in the house. There was a crowd of comforters and the daughter was in unbearable pain.

Even so, the Witness said that she would give the paper to her mother and relatives. Although her father’s body was at home, the Witness went to give her an English paper. After solving the paper, his father was cremated.

Now the result is 12, in which the witness scored 90 percent marks. She has scored 79 marks in English subject. Tears welled up in the eyes of all the family members as they witnessed the result.

People around him have also praised the Witness. Witness Borkar, who was happy with the result, said, “Today, my father is proud of himself and me wherever he is. I will work harder to make my father’s dream come true.

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