Kathmandu. India’s Supreme Court has recently ruled in favor of sex workers. According to him, ‘prostitution’ is not a legal crime.

After this decision, ‘prostitution’ became like any other ordinary profession. The Supreme Court has ruled that police should not abuse sex workers unnecessarily.

But long before this Supreme Court decision, the Bedia community in India has been making prostitution a common profession. Almost all the women in this community are involved in prostitution.

The men in the community do the work of bringing in customers and negotiating with them. Sunita (name change), who lives in GB Road, a red light area of ​​Delhi, was involved in this profession in her childhood.

When asked how it started, she smiled and said, “I am Bedia.” Her mother and sisters also work as sex workers in Madhya Pradesh, India. So Sunita had no choice.

History of the Bedia community
The Bedia community living in some villages of Madhya Pradesh have been using prostitution as a source of income for hundreds of years. It is said that this community used to sing and dance during the Mughal period.

But later, when the monarchy came to an end, the community faced a crisis for livelihood. In such a situation, the women of the community started prostitution. According to the 2011 census, the population of this community is about 50,000.

There are more than 60 Bedia villages in different districts of Madhya Pradesh, especially in Malwa region. Where prostitution takes place. A local journalist in Morena said on condition of anonymity that their network was spread across the state, including Bhopal, except for these 60 villages. Lately, the girls have started moving to the red light areas of Delhi and Benaras.

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