विश्वकप फुटबल नेपाली दर्शकले हेर्न नपाउने सम्भावना

२४ कात्तिक, काठमाडौं । मंसिर ४ गतेबाट कतारमा सुरु हुन लागेको फिफा विश्वकप फुटबलको प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण नेपाली दर्शकले हेर्न नपाउने सम्भावना बढेको छ ।फिफा विश्वकप प्रसारणसम्बन्धी कार्य रोक्ने गरी सर्वोच्च अदालतले अन्तरिम आदेश दिएपछि विश्वकप प्रसारण अन्योलमा परेको छ ।

मंगलबार सर्वोच्चका न्यायाधीश प्रकाशमान सिंह राउतको एकल इजलासले विश्वकप प्रसारण सम्बन्धी कार्यलाई यथास्थितिमा राख्नू भनी अन्तरिम आदेश दिएको छ । अन्तरिम आदेशलाई निरन्तरता दिने वा नदिने विषयमा छलफल गर्न कात्तिक ३० गते छलफलका लागि बोलाइएको छ ।

विश्वकप प्रसारणको अन्तिम तयारी भइरहेका बेला आएको यस्तो आदेशले तयारी रोक्नुपर्ने अवस्था आएको मिडिया हबका कार्यकारी निर्देशक सोम धिताल बताउँछन् । ‘हामीलाई अदालतमाथि पूरा विश्वास छ तर ३० गते नै सुनुवाइ हुँदा पनि प्रसारणका लागि तयारी पुग्दैन,’ धितालले भने, ‘नेपाली दर्शकले विश्वकप नै हेर्न नपाउने हुन् कि भन्ने जोखिम बढ्यो ।’

मिडिया हबले विश्वकप देखाउन नसक्दा नेपालभित्र अन्य कुनै पनि माध्यमबाट विश्वकप हेर्न पाउने अवस्था रहँदैन । यसपटक नेपालभित्र कुनै पनि विदेशी च्यानलले कुनै पनि माध्यमबाट विश्वकप प्रसारण गर्न नपाउने गरी मिडिया हबले एक्सक्लुसिभ प्रसारण अधिकार लिएको छ ।

मिडिया हबले ‘पे पर भ्यू’ मोडलमा हरेक दर्शकले ५ सय रुपैयाँ तिर्नुपर्ने गरी नयाँ च्यानलमार्फत् विश्वकप देखाउने तयारी गरिरहेको थियो । दर्शकसँग अतिरिक्त शुल्क लिन नपाउने दाबी गर्दै अदालतमा मुद्दा परे पनि वास्तविकता त्यस्तो नभएको धिताल बताउँछन् ।

‘अहिले भइरहेका च्यानलमा विश्वकप आउने हैन, हामीले विश्वकपकै लागि नयाँ च्यानल लन्च गर्दैछौं, जसलाई विश्वकप हेर्ने रुचि हुन्छ उहाँहरुले नयाँ च्यानलको ग्राहक बन्नुपर्ने हुन्छ, अहिले भइरहेका च्यानलका लागि अतिरिक्त शुल्क तिर्नुपर्ने हैन,’ धितालले भने, ‘यसमा भ्रम छरेर फुटबलप्रेमीलाई फुटबल हेर्नै बन्देज गर्ने षडयन्त्र भयो, कानुनी र व्यवसायिक हिसाबले हाम्रो बिजनेस मोडलमा कुनै समस्या छैन, यसको प्रतिरक्षा गर्न तयार छौं, तर अन्तिम समयमा अदालती प्रक्रियामा अल्झिंदा प्रसारण नहुने जोखिम बढ्यो ।’

मुद्दामाथि सुनुवाइ गर्दै इजलासमा न्यायाधीश राउतले अर्को सुनुवाई २७ गते हुने आदेश दिएका थिए, तर एक दिन ढिला गरेर आएको लिखित आदेशमा भने मिति तीन दिन थपेर ३० गते उल्लेख गरिएको छ ।

अदालतमा मुद्दाको चाप भएको हुँदा ३० गते नै मुद्दाले पालो पाउने अवस्था निकै कम छ । मंसिर ४ को उदघाटन खेलसम्म अदालती प्रकृया नटुंग्याउने गरी विपक्षीहरु अदालती प्रक्रियामा गएको हो कि भन्ने गम्भीर आशंका भएको मिडिया हबले जनाएको छ ।

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Ishwar and 19-year-old Rajesh were caught filming in Dhanusha with Rs 83 lakh hidden in a bag of potatoes.


Two persons have been arrested in Dhanusha today along with Rs. 83 lakh 64 thousand.

Among the arrested are Ishwar Mandal, 36, and Rajesh Mandal, 19, of Janakandani Village Municipality-5. Police Inspector Shambhu Katuwal of the Armed Police Force informed that they were taken under control from Janakandani-1 Inerwa border. He said that the police had arrested him while he was returning from India on a motorcycle (J7 Pa 5007) carrying money in a bag of potatoes.

According to the Armed Police Force, the two have been handed over to the District Customs Office, Janakpur.

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This is the smallest toilet in the world, which can be carried in the pocket

Japan has built the world’s smallest toilet.

It is easy to walk in a toilet pocket. Coca-Cola Inc., a startup in Nagoya, Japan, has started production under the name ‘Pocket Toilet’. It is designed to be carried anywhere, anytime. It is 7 cm tall and 6.5 cm wide which can easily fit in any pocket or purse.

The concept of the toilet was developed by Yoshinori Kokenawa, 30, founder of Kokenawa Inc. He developed the concept of pocket toilet in 2019. He developed it after seeing a long line to go to the toilet one day when it was damaged due to a storm.

“People were working as fast as they could to get their area back to normal, but every time they went to the toilet, they had to wait in line for half an hour,” Kokenawa recalled.

“I wanted to do something about it.” In December 2020, Kokenawa’s company launched a pocket toilet. This toilet has a bag made of special and durable fiber and it contains a packet of coagulant.

The bag can also be attached to the toilet seat or dustbin. The company found in its tests that there was no odor even after using the bag.

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The heart was moved by the tweet of the heartbreaking picture of the dog that lost its owner in the earthquake

Last year’s earthquake in Afghanistan caused great loss of life and property. Rescue work is underway for people buried in the rubble of the quake. The quake affected not only humans but also pets.

A picture of a dog standing in the middle of a collapsed house has been showered with sympathy after a user posted it on Twitter. This photo posted by Samira SR shows the scene after the devastating earthquake.

“Everyone in the dog house was killed in the quake. Neighbors took her with them to feed and nurture her. But, he keeps coming back to the broken house and crying ‘, it is written in the caption of the photo. According to the Post, the photo was taken in Ochki village of Paktika.

Twitter users have shed tears over the heartbreaking image of a dog searching for its owners. Many of them have even offered to raise dogs. One user said, “We humans are not worthy of dogs.”

‘Hopefully he will find a boss who loves and cares like before. I am disappointed with what happened in Afghanistan. The Lord gives strength to all ‘, another user wrote.

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake on Wednesday killed hundreds of people and destroyed dozens of homes. The quake affected India and Pakistan. The quake struck 44 km from Khost city at 1:30 am local time.

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Is Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal about to join the Maoists? We met at Prachanda’s residence one morning


A meeting has been held between CPN-Maoist Central Committee Chairman Prachanda and Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal.

The meeting is considered meaningful after Hamal met Prachanda while he was vying for the post of chairman of the Film Development Board.

Hamal had reached his residence in Khumaltar this morning to meet Prachanda. The opportunity to meet Prachanda was arranged by musician Chetan Sapkota.

During the meeting, current political issues, problems of Nepali film sector and solutions were discussed, said Sapkota.

After a brief group meeting, only Prachanda and Rajesh Hamal had a discussion. The subject of the private meeting has not been made public.

Lately, there has been widespread talk of Rajesh Hamal joining the Maoists. This meeting has further strengthened the discussion.

Why did Alia leave her husband Ranveer Kapoor during pregnancy and lose to Ranveer Singh? : Alia Bhatt is currently discussing her pregnancy. He recently gave a happy news, after which updates related to him are constantly coming.

Everyone is happy after this news. Meanwhile, Karan Johar has shared a picture of Alia Bhatt on his Instagram account, but after finding out that he is not alone, he has another artist with him.

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Astae South superstar Nagarjuna from the movie

Mumbai, July 16:

Southern superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni is going to take a break from the film for a while. He is about to leave the film for the shooting of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

Nagarjuna is making a comeback in Bollywood through Ayan Mukherjee’s film ‘Brahmastra’. In the meantime, he will not be seen in any new project. He also plans not to sign any new films during this period.

Bigg Boss is set to launch on September 4. The manufacturer has already started preparations for that.

Nagarjuna is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu for the fourth time. He has been appearing in this show since 2019. He hosted the first season of the OTT version of Big Boss.

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Ujjwal had planned to ki’ll his 28-year-old wife Maya by pou’ring pe’trol on her and pour’ing water on her house.


A woman has been injured when a man from Tulsipur sprayed petrol on her house and set it on fire. Ujjwal Shrestha, a resident of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis-9, Beluwani, has sprayed petrol on his house and set it on fire, injuring his wife Maya Shrestha, 28, police said.

The injured Shrestha is undergoing treatment at Rapti Provincial Hospital, Tulsipur. There is news in Rajdhani daily. Shrestha’s wife said that a fire broke out in her house when she tried to kill herself by spraying petrol.

According to Shyamu Aryal, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Area Police Office, Tulsipur, the fire destroyed the drawers, clothes, TV and other items in the room.

Shrestha has given a statement to the police that he tried to set fire to the house saying that he was tense due to repeated disputes with his wife. Shrestha is currently under police control.

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Surya Shrestha, who ran away at 12 o’clock at night after sleeping with singer Dilmaya Sunar, showed the place where he threw sal.

Surya Shrestha, who is in a live-in relationship, is being investigated by folk singer Dilmaya Sunar. Despite the ongoing investigation, the police have not been able to reach a conclusion on the issue of yes or no. Surya, who was found dead in his own room at Nepaltar in Kathmandu, has confessed to the police that he spent the night with Dilmaya.

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Although Shrestha admitted that he was with Dilmaya on Friday night, he has claimed that he did that. Police claimed that Surya, who initially left Dilmaya’s room at 12 pm, admitted that they slept together after a technical investigation. Surya, who was sleeping with Dilmaya, has given a statement in the preliminary investigation with the police that when he woke up, he saw her in a state of Zhu, Ndi, Eko.

Dilmaya Salma Zhu, Ndi A, who said that he threw the sal at night. According to the police, Dilmaya’s wound, Tima Nil and Dr Maba Hek have no other injuries. Therefore, no conclusion has been reached as to who is Zhu, Ndi A or Jhundya E Ako. On the other hand, Dilmaya has written a status on her Facebook account on Friday night saying that she is going to die and not to blame anyone.

This has also created a dilemma for the police. “Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.”

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Government slashes Rs 20 per litre in petrol and Rs 29 in diesel

A cabinet meeting on Saturday decided to reduce Rs 20 per litre in petrol and Rs 29 in diesel, shared Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Dilendra Prasad Badu at a press conference.

According to him, with the new decision coming into effect, a litre of petrol will cost RS 179 and diesel Rs 163. The new price decision will come into effect from Saturday midnight.

“This is the decision of today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers. The decision was taken acting on the recommendations”, Minister Badu noted.

The excessive hike in the petro product price hit hard the people’s life, he said, adding the decision was taken to slash the price so as to give respite to the commoners.

The price was slashed with an intention to render relief to the people even by reducing tax that has been imposed on petro products. “The new measure will moderately render relief to the people. However, this is not a permanent solution”,

Market monitoring to be made effective

The government has decided to make market monitoring effective so as to control price and avoid shortage of daily consumptive goods.

Minister Badu expressed his confidence that price control would be tightened through effective market monitoring in coordination with federal, provincial and local governments.

The Minister urged the business community to reduce the price of all consumptive goods in the market to cooperate government in its bid to render relief to the people.

Those found increasing market price in the consumptive goods illegally would be booked, he said, calling for support from the media and consumers to that end.

In view of people marred by increasing price of petroleum products fuelled by price hike in the international market, the government has decided to decrease their price in Nepal to some extent in a bid to give some respite to people, said minister Badu.

This followed the direction by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to readjust price of petroleum products to give a relief to people, he added.

To that end, a meeting of top leaders of ruling coalition held on Saturday under the leadership of PM Deuba took the decision. The meeting was attended by secretary of the respective ministries and high ranking officials of the Nepal Oil Corporation, a monopoly government-owned enterprise that imports, stores and distributes petroleum products.

To decrease consumption of petroleum products and LP gas, the government would encourage use of electric cooktops and electric vehicles, said minister Badu in the meantime.

Provisions related to encouraging the use of electric appliances and vehicles in the budget will be implemented acting on recommendation by a high level taskforce formed under the leadership of National Planning Commission Vice-chair. Government offices will use electric vehicles while fuel-run old and heavy vehicles will be converted into electric ones.

To reduce supply of petroleum products, steps would be taken through advices of experts and learning from practices in other countries, said the minister, adding NOC would be made robust and effective acting on advices from the taskforce.






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People accused of poaching in Mugu have been released but the dog has been in jail for three months.

KATHMANDU: A hound has been detained at the Division Forest Office in Mugu for the past three months. The dog has been kept in custody on the charge of poaching.

Champa Tamang, his son Dawa Chhorden, Tashi Tamang and neighbor Tamang were arrested on March 8 on charges of poaching wild animals in the forest area of ​​Shey Foksundo National Park. The dog was with them.

Police post Pulu Mugu handed over the dog along with four others to Division One Office Mugu. The Forest Office prosecuted him on charges of poaching wild animals. Champa and Dawachorden were released on bail of Rs.

Tashi and the neighbor were released on a normal date. But the dogs arrested with them are still in custody. Division Mugu has kept the hound in custody as there is no defendant. There were only four defendants in the case filed by the Forest Office.

According to the Forest Office, Mugu has kept the dog in custody after the court did not say anything about the dog. Forest Office Information Officer Pranil Devkota said, “We have not informed anyone about the dog after the court did not reveal anything about it.” We have kept the dog safe in the forest office. ‘

Forest officials are not in favor of leaving the dog unattended as it would cause harm to wildlife. According to the National Parks Act, hunting dogs have the right to be ordered. However, as no order has been issued by the court, it has not been decided whether to release him or not.

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