People accused of poaching in Mugu have been released but the dog has been in jail for three months.

KATHMANDU: A hound has been detained at the Division Forest Office in Mugu for the past three months. The dog has been kept in custody on the charge of poaching.

Champa Tamang, his son Dawa Chhorden, Tashi Tamang and neighbor Tamang were arrested on March 8 on charges of poaching wild animals in the forest area of ​​Shey Foksundo National Park. The dog was with them.

Police post Pulu Mugu handed over the dog along with four others to Division One Office Mugu. The Forest Office prosecuted him on charges of poaching wild animals. Champa and Dawachorden were released on bail of Rs.

Tashi and the neighbor were released on a normal date. But the dogs arrested with them are still in custody. Division Mugu has kept the hound in custody as there is no defendant. There were only four defendants in the case filed by the Forest Office.

According to the Forest Office, Mugu has kept the dog in custody after the court did not say anything about the dog. Forest Office Information Officer Pranil Devkota said, “We have not informed anyone about the dog after the court did not reveal anything about it.” We have kept the dog safe in the forest office. ‘

Forest officials are not in favor of leaving the dog unattended as it would cause harm to wildlife. According to the National Parks Act, hunting dogs have the right to be ordered. However, as no order has been issued by the court, it has not been decided whether to release him or not.

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Mahi Pariyar ran away with her own sister’s son after Bains got d’runk….

A woman of Khairhani-2, Chitwan, who went out of the house with her sister’s son, has gone missing. The family members have lodged a complaint at the District Police Office, Chitwan on July 30, requesting a search for the missing persons.

But so far nothing has been found about him, the family said. The missing woman is Mahi Pariyar. The 26-year-old left home with her sister’s 17-year-old son Rohit Thapa, but she is still missing.

He had left for Bharatpur saying that he would meet lawyer Gajendra Vasti and return home after being examined at the hospital. Even when searching with relatives and acquaintances

The family members said that they could not find him. Mahiki’s mother-in-law Lalumaya Pariyar says that there was no quarrel at home. According to her, her husband had sent Rs 90,000 from abroad a few days before she went missing. Until then, her husband Suraj Pariyar was working in Saudi.

Now that his wife is missing, he has returned to Nepal. Suraj and Mahi have two daughters. According to Suraj, the woman left her daughters in a uniform and took some money and some jewelery from the house.

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Justin Bieber, the famous Hollywood singer, lost his half face …

Famous Hollywood singer Justin Bieber has been paralyzed. Justin suffered from a rare disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which caused paralysis of half of his face.

Justin has been resting for some time after the illness. He posted a video on social media saying that he had canceled his concert show.

Justin looks very weak in the video. He is also finding it difficult to speak. “I have a dangerous disease caused by a virus. This virus is so dangerous that it is spreading in my face. That’s why I have paralysis in half of my face, “he said.

In the video, he has repeatedly shown his face to the fans. He is saying how he has not been able to blink a part of his eyes. He has not even been able to laugh at one part.

“This time I was able to perform on stage because my body was not working. This virus is very serious. He has said.

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Due to the 20-year-old youth from Nuwakot, NEA has incurred a loss of around Rs 7 million today.

Kathmandu. No one can touch the transmission line wire in a hurry. However, a man from Nuwakot walked on the wire of the transmission line and harassed the Electricity Authority and the locals.

According to the locals, he has been walking on the wire for six hours after reaching the wire from the tower of the power transmission line this morning. The video of the youth named Myla Vik of 13 Ghale village of Belkotgadhi Municipality walking on the 220 KV transmission line is now going viral.

It is said that the young man, who was walking on the electric wire after quarreling with his family, was not caught. According to the local police, he was not able to bring meat and rice to the ground to eat. He lost his mental balance

It is understood that as soon as the youths reached the power transmission line, the Electricity Authority stopped the production of Upper Trishuli 3A and tried to bring them down. In the end, the young man has been rescued with the help of a helicopter.

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Why did ‘Rapper G-Bob’ file such a big case against his own parents in the police? The reason is as follows.

June 28, Paekhara. A complaint has been lodged at the District Administration Office after tensions escalated between rapper G-Bob (Sudip Bhandari) and his parents.

Her parents have also lodged a complaint with the administration against her after she lodged a complaint alleging that she was taken hostage in a rehab center.

After the two lodged a complaint against each other, the administration has directed the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police to investigate.

Police have started investigation into the matter and both sides have been called for discussion, SP Dinesh Mainali of District Police Complex, Kathmandu told Online Khabar.

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Trishuli Three A closed for three hours after people climbed the pole

Production of the Upper Trishuli 3A has been shut down for three hours after people climbed on the pole of the power transmission line. There is a pole of 220 KV transmission line from Upper Trishuli Three A Production House in Shanti Bazaar, Nuwakot to Kathmandu.

Vijay Kumar Mishra, Assistant Plant Chief of Upper Trishuli 3A informed that the production had to be stopped after a person who lost his mental balance climbed in Kakeni Gaonpalika-7 Budheni.

According to Mishra, production has stopped from 11:30 am. It was being produced at 60 MW full phase. We have been closed for three hours now, ”he said.

Rupak Khadka, Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Nuwakot, said that an attempt was being made to bring him down as he had reached the power line. “It simply came to our notice then. Now the technicians are trying to get up and down on their own, ‘said Khadka.

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Bullet bikes cannot be bought by Nepalis: See the price of which company’s bikes in Nepal …

Kathmandu. The motorcycle market has been in turmoil after the government increased the tax and customs duty on motorcycles above 200 cc through the budget presented in the federal parliament on May 30.

Especially in the 350cc segment, the government seems to have lost sight of this.

The government has increased the customs duty after the fact that brands like Royal Enfield, Honda, Java and KTM are selling 15,000 units of large motorcycles annually in Nepal.

Thus, it is estimated that the price of motors in this segment will increase by up to Rs 200,000 as soon as the government raises several taxes at once.

Royal Enfield and Honda, the companies that sell most motorcycles in this segment in Nepal, have already published new price list of motorcycles.

Alpha Automobiles, Nepal’s new distributor for Royal Infield, has increased the price of a single motorcycle by up to Rs 221,000 by announcing a new price list.

Similarly, Honda has increased the price up to Rs 1 lakh.

Another company Java has been selling motorcycles ranging from 300 cc to 335 cc. The company has not yet increased the price of Java motorcycles.

Apart from these brands, brands like Benelli, TVS, BMW are also selling motorcycles above 300 cc. However, the companies have not increased the price.

These brands are also expected to release new price lists in the next few days.

The NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal has demanded to withdraw the increased tax saying that this segment is considered as a very luxurious motorcycle in the eyes of the government.

‘350cc motorcycles are also needed to improve our road conditions, adventure tourism and riding culture. Due to the government’s policy, the showrooms have to be closed, ‘said Abhik Jyoti, chairman of NADA’s Two Wheeler Committee.

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Do not make such mistakes while worshiping, you know

Of course we worship God every day or any special day but there are some things we should not miss while worshiping. Do you know that According to the scriptures, milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar cane are used in worship.

Worship is incomplete without these five things. These 5 things are considered sacred in Hinduism. When these five elements are mixed, it is called Panchamrit. Panchamrit means five nectars. The first part of Panchamrit is milk, which we get from cows.

The second part of Panchamrit is curd.
The third part is the part of ghee.
The fourth part is honey.
The fifth part is sugar, which is mixed with all these to make complete nectar.

From the point of view of health, eating Panchamrit, i.e. a mixture made of all these things, as an offering, also removes all kinds of diseases. Therefore, after worship, we also take Panchamrit as a symbol of self-promotion.

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Newly elected ward member accused of re’peated’ly r’ap’ing his own da’ughter five years ago

Simra Bara. Police have arrested Talke Thing, a newly elected ward member from Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitan Ward No. 17 of Bara District on the charge of kidnapping his own daughter.

Jitpur Simara-17 Talke Thing, a 41-year-old permanent resident of Jaitpur, retired Assistant Inspector of Police (ASP).

It has been revealed that he has been repeatedly raping his eldest daughter (now 19 years old since he was 14 years old). Earlier, according to the victim’s daughter, she had threatened to kill him if the matter came to light

According to the Simara Police, Thing was arrested on Wednesday on the basis of a complaint lodged by the victim with the help of some active youths of the village.

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20-minute audio recovered from ‘Black Box’, can be heard talking in the cockpit when the Mustang crashed …


Audio recorded in the cockpit of Tara Air’s 9N AET aircraft that crashed in Mustang has been recovered. The commission formed to investigate the plane crash on the way from Pokhara to Jomsom has successfully recovered the conversation in the cockpit from the black box.

According to the source, the conversation was recorded in the cockpit voice recorder (black box) of the crashed plane for 20 minutes. As soon as the decode is done, the conversation in the cockpit of the plane before the accident can be heard. The journey from Pokhara to Jomsom is about 20 minutes.

The Commission of Inquiry has also started taking statements from the concerned persons instead of collecting various documents. The commission has been formed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation with Senior Aeronautical Engineer Ratish Chandra Lal Suman as Chairman and Accident Investigation In-Charge.

The commission has been instructed to find out the cause of the accident and recommend measures to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

“Earlier, the report was supposed to be submitted within three months but now the deadline has not been fixed,” said the member. “However, we will complete the investigation within four months and submit the report.” The Commission of Inquiry has a preliminary estimate that the plane crash may have been due to malfunction.

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